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Following the success of recent projects we have decided to make the consultancy services of Research Autism more widely available.

Together with our network of of expert partners we are able to undertake commissions for work across all areas of autism. This could be in service design, project evaluation, advice on education, social care, employment, criminal justice, CPD accredited training or other related areas. 

Using only experts in the field we can bring extensive experience and expertise and have undertaken projects and training in the UK and overseas. 

To date we have worked with government departments, local authorities and charities.

For more information please contact  

Zillah Bingley,
Chief Executive,
Research Autism, 
25 Nutford Place,
London W1H 5YQ.

Tel: 020 8617 0536

Email: zillah.bingley@researchautism.net

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05 Sep 2016