Successful Futures for Adults with Autism

A Collaborative Forum Organised by Research Autism on 28th November 2006

Group of researchers Our second collaborative autism research forum was on the topic of 'Successful futures for adults with autism'.

It  was held on 28th November 2006 at the London South Bank University.

It was chaired by Professor Patricia Howlin and Professor Chris Cullen.

Breakout group sessions in the second part of the forum were dedicated to the sharing of experience and ideas and the identification of topics that participants believed should be considered for future research. Detailed notes taken in each group and a comprehensive list of suggested future research topics are also attached below.

Topics that emerged prominently as priorities for research when groups re-gathered for the plenary session included: cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT); support at the transitional stage from school to adulthood; ways of building awareness of autism; and possibility of identification of early symptoms as indicators of later acute problems with a view to remediation. Many other issues, including diagnosis in adults and the long term costs of not providing effective interventions also featured prominently.

Research Autism will now convene a meeting of researchers to review research suggestions with a view to defining concrete research projects to be taken forward. Updates will be posted on this website and in our twice-yearly newsletter.

We are very grateful to LSBU for their donation of facilities, to speakers and to all forum participants for their valuable contributions which will help us direct research in this area. We also wish to express thanks to the Inge Wakehurst Trust for providing funding for the event.

Cygnet Project

During the forum, many say they would benefit from access to specialised, time limited mentoring. This may be in addition to or instead of family or other forms of support such as befriending. An outline scheme, called CYGNET, has been designed by a group of individuals with Asperger syndrome and high functioning autism facilitated by Research Autism. It is proposed to establish and evaluate the impact of such a scheme.

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