Our Mission: To Raise Funds For and Undertake Research into Autism Interventions

Geoffrey Maddrell, Chairman of Research Autism

Geoffrey Maddrell, Chairman Research AutismResearch Autism (the Trust) is an independent, non-profit making charitable Trust committed to improving the lives of individuals on the autistic spectrum through research into therapeutic or remedial interventions. To this end the Trust will raise funds, undertake, support or cause scientific research to be carried out into the effects of therapeutic or remedial interventions in autism and related conditions.

Our priority will be those interventions intended to make a significant impact on the disabling effects of autism and related conditions and promote and enhance the quality of life of individuals and their families. It is part of the mission of the Trust to disseminate and publish the findings of research and to bring together leading researchers in the field.

We believe in the value of people on the autistic spectrum and the contribution they make to the community. We also recognise the real difficulties they face and their need for assistance to overcome these in realising their potential. We will work with the broad academic, professional, business and wider communities nationally and internationally, in support of our aim.

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25 Oct 2017