Research Autism's Comment on the Knapp Report on the Cost of Autism

Date: 29 November 2007

"This report draws attention to the significant economic impact of autism on our society and highlights the positive role that early treatment and therapy can play in ensuring that people with the condition live fulfilling lives.

As the funder of world-class research into autism, Research Autism has known for a long time that research into effective treatments that improve the quality of life of people with autism - and the funding of it - are desperately needed. We welcome the Knapp Report's endorsement of the research we fund and its recommendation that more money is invested in this area. Investing in therapies that enable people with autism to live more independently, will ensure that money will be spent more effectively in the long term and will have a vitally needed and more beneficial impact for those on the autistic spectrum, their families and society as a whole.

Research Autism calls for significant investment in interventional research on a scale that recognises the prevalence and lifelong nature of the condition. We look forward to working with the Government to respond to the challenges outlined in Professor Knapp's study."

Geoffrey Maddrell
Chairman, Research Autism

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