Research Autism Welcomes New Philanthropy Capital Recommendation on Autism Charities

News Release Date: 18th September 2007

Research Autism welcomes the latest New Philanthropy Capital report into autism which gives a recommendation to the charity and reveals that a "shocking" £3.70 per head is spent annually on autism research compared to £1,000 per head for cancer.

Geoffrey Maddrell, Chairman of Research Autism, said: "The New Philanthropy Capital report, A Life Less Ordinary, highlights the severe lack of resources and funding devoted to autism research, especially when trying to improve the quality of life of those with autistic spectrum disorders and their families. It recommends that funding this charity could help to accelerate progress in this area.

"The report shows that every donation made to Research Autism has a direct impact on improving the lives of people with autistic spectrum disorders through its funding of research into interventions - therapies or treatments that offer help to do this.

"Up until this year no central resource existed for people with autism, their families and professionals to find out what interventions were available and what was involved in administering each intervention. Now, through the Research Autism website, www.researchautism.net, this information is freely available to anyone that can access the internet. The site is already providing information to over 11,000 people every month.

"The New Philanthropy Capital report provides an independent review of Research Autism and its activities. It shows the charity is working effectively and is already making a valuable impact. I am convinced that this recommendation will persuade more people to make a contribution."

Research Autism has already made a difference by establishing a strong link between scientists, individuals with autism and their families and professionals. The charity commissions research based on the priorities of those most affected, i.e. people with autism themselves and their families. It seeks to find new ways of improving the quality of life of people with the condition through new approaches and to reveal the truth about the efficacy of existing interventions.

For any media enquiries please contact: Deepa Korea on 020 86170536 or 07723 606629 or email press@researchautism.net

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