Social Stories and Autism Ranking: Insufficient/Mixed evidence


Social stories are a tool for teaching social skills to children with autism. They provide an individual child with explanations about situations that he or she may find difficult or confusing.

Some are written on single sheets of paper, others are written in booklets and some are recorded onto tape or video. The author of the story may read it to the individual with autism, record it so that it can be played back as required, or the individual may read it for himself.

Our Opinion

There is some low quality research evidence to suggest that social stories can be useful for some children with autism in reducing unwanted behaviour and increasing some aspects of social interaction.

The approach requires individual tailoring for each particular child and should be supervised/overseen by an experienced clinician, although the programme can be run by teachers and/or parents.


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01 Mar 2017
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01 Oct 2014
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