Patterning Therapies and Autism Ranking: Limited negative evidence


Adults patterning a baby Patterning therapy is a treatment which involves a series of bodily exercises, and other activities, which are intended to "rewire" the brain.

There are a number of different forms of patterning therapy (such as the Delacato method, the Doman method, and Developmental Reflexive Rehabilitation) but they all follow similar principles.

Patterning therapy is based on the belief that developmental disabilities like autism are caused by mild to severe brain injury. Those brain injuries can be overcome by moving the body in specific patterns, which is supposed to provide feedback to the damaged brain and help it to heal itself.

Our Opinion

This treatment is based on an outmoded and oversimplified theory of brain development.

There is a limited amount of research evidence to suggest it is not effective in the treatment of autism.

Because of this we cannot recommend the use of patterning therapy.


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29 Jul 2016
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