Auditory Integration Training and Autism

Auditory integration training (also known as AIT)  involves a person listening to a selection of music which has been electronically modified.

There are several different kinds of auditory integration training including the BĂ©rard's Method, the Listening Program, Samonas Sound Therapy, and the Tomatis Method

AIT is based on the idea that some people, including some people with autism, are hypersensitive (over-sensitive) or hyposensitive (under-sensitive) to certain frequencies of sound.

This sensitivity to certain frequencies is believed to cause a variety of perceptual problems  (such as an inability to concentrate or to understand other people). It may also cause other problems - such as irritability or lethargy.

AIT is designed to improve the person's ability to process sounds by 're-educating' the brain. This is done by playing electronically modified music in which the frequencies have been changed.

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25 Oct 2017