MMS: A rogue new ‘lobotomy’ for autistic children

In the 1940s and 1950s, state mental hospitals around the U.S. were bursting at the seams with untreatable disorders, most commonly schizophrenia. In fact, more people were hospitalized with psychiatric illnesses than with all other diseases combined. Psychiatrists were desperate to do something, anything to stem the tide. 

The answer: lobotomies. 

Today, lobotomies share a space in a dusty bin next to whips, chains, snake pits, phrenology machines, and trepanning—an ancient ritual in which holes are drilled into the brain to “release evil spirits.” Although lobotomies are now a subject of horror movies, in a sense, they’re back. We just don’t call them lobotomies anymore.

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12th February 2017
Daily Beast