Trump says autism is on the rise, but experts who study autism disagree

President Donald Trump told a roomful of teachers on February 14 that there's been a "tremendous amount of increase" in autism.

The president made the remarks during a listening session with parents, teachers and education secretary Betsy DeVos.

"So what's going on with autism?" Trump said after a principal at the meeting told him she worked at a special education center in Virginia that serves children with autism.

"When you look at the tremendous increase, it's really, it's such an incredible, it's really a horrible thing to watch the tremendous amount of increase," the president said. "Do you have any idea? And you're seeing it in the schools."

When the principal told him that one in sixty-eight children has autism, Trump again suggested the number was on the rise, adding "Well, maybe we can do something about that."

Experts on autism, however, haven't found evidence that incidence of the condition is increasing.

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14th February 2017
Business Insider