How technology is helping eliminate the global unemployment epidemic in the autistic community

There are around 68 million people with Asperger’s globally today. It’s a sad fact that only 16% of adults with Asperger’s hold full-time jobs. It’s a major problem, a drain on the economy, and a huge waste of talent. I’m Matt, and this is my story about how my journey with Asperger’s led me to become CDO of a company called CommissionCrowd. 

I’ve always found the world a bit confusing, but wasn’t diagnosed with autism until I was 33. I performed well enough in school, but had difficulty making friends. My biggest frustration came from ‘neurotypicals’ (informally defined by the autism community as people not on the Autistic ‘spectrum’) not understanding my condition. I’d encounter employers who would look at the “disabled” label on a CV and automatically assume the applicant was unsuitable for the job.

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10th February 2017
Huffington Post