Neurodiversity and cybersecurity careers: Recruiting and retaining autistic cybersecurity professionals

At the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom on March 2 2017, many relevant parties gathered to discuss neurodiversity and careers in cybersecurity.

The event was run by the National Cyber Security Centre, Cyber Security Challenge UK, the National Autistic Society and other industry and government bodies.

With the current cybersecurity skills gap, industry is recognizing that people on the autism spectrum can provide invaluable skills to the sector and are often the best performers in technical roles. GCHQ, for example, is one of the biggest employers of autistic people in the country.

At the neurodiversity event, multiple presentations and discussions offered advice to businesses on how to make their workplaces more suitable for autistic candidates and how to attract and hire people on the spectrum. 

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8th March 2017
Info Security