Travelling with a disability: I have autism – it takes me days to recover from one Tube journey

This week i will be publishing a series of accounts about difficulties of travelling on public transport, penned by Transport for All members who have an impairment or disability. 

Here Claire Lindsey, 38, from Greenwich, tells her story. She regularly travels on the Tube and is autistic. 

“I am autistic. It’s an invisible impairment; I don’t look ‘autistic’ or ‘disabled’ and most people would be unaware of my impairment.

“Because of my autism I am hypersensitive to noises. I am completely unable to cut out background noise, lights, movements and odours. I also have balance and vestibular difficulties meaning that I need assistance to travel. Many stations that are accessible to wheelchair users are nevertheless inaccessible to me because of my autism

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13th March 2017