I have autism and I’m not 'Rain Man' — and I’m not abnormal, either

Autism — or, as it is known to those like myself who have milder versions of it, Asperger’s syndrome — is more than just a medical condition. It also conjures up cultural archetypes: Sheldon from “The Big Bang Theory.” Dustin Hoffman’s titular character from “Rain Man.” Rhonda from “Trick r’ Treat” (not a well-known example, but by far the one that most closely relates to my own experiences). If you’re a bigot, the noxious Sugar Motta from “Glee” may even come to mind.

Yet living with autism is very different from simply being one of these quirky caricatures or disparaging stereotypes. We are real human beings whose different way of thinking causes us real hardships. 

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15th March 2017