A board game designed to help autistic adults make friends

Almost everyone can relate to the feeling of social isolation–lunch time at a new school, a party with no familiar faces, the first day on the job. But it’s a particularly persistent problem for many young adults on the autism spectrum, who report feeling left out socially with few friendships or invitations to gatherings. While there are many resources for children with autism, there are few aimed at helping an older demographic make friends and find their way in a social world.

That’s where Me, Myself, and You (MMY for short) comes in. It’s a conversation- and activity-based board game designed specifically for adults with autism. By providing an easily understood structure for socializing, the game enables individuals on the spectrum to share their passions and preferences and learn about others at the same time, helping them make connections in their peer group. The game was an honorable mention in the student category of the 2016 Innovation By Design Awards.

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16th March 2017
Fast Code Design