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Son of alternative medication advocate ‘should be taken into care,’ rules family court judge

A baby boy whose father advocates the use of “harmful alternative medication” should be taken into council care, a family court judge has decided. The man had sold Master Mineral Solution (MMS) as a treatment for cancer and autism, social services staff told Judge Helen Black. Staff said MMS was a sodium chlorite solution equivalent to industrial-strength bleach – and they said the Food Standards Agency had warned that it should not be taken.

23rd August 2016

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Emerging evidence indicates that children with disabilities in general and with autism in particular are frequent victims of murder-suicide

The title a modified version of a line from a recent study: A Case Study of Paternal Filicide-Suicide: Personality Disorder, Motives, and Victim Choice. This is a topic that many of us, autistics and parents, have been aware of and trying to prevent for years. Parents and caregivers are killing people with disabilities. Not frequently, but far too often. Once is too often.

22nd August 2016

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The Accountant: Ben Affleck on the role you didn't see coming

Between playing a piece of Gotham City meat in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and returning to his oft-acclaimed spot in the director’s chair for the forthcoming Live by Night, Ben Affleck took a breath to explore a more beautiful side of his mind in Warner Bros.’ unusual, wholly indescribable thriller The Accountant, due in theaters this October.

13th August 2016

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