Drama Education and Individuals with Autism

Students with autism undertaking dramatherapyProject Area: Effects of drama on social skills training for students with ASD

Lead Researcher: Daisy Loyd

Institution: Institute of Education, London

Status: Project completed

Details of the study

Many individuals on the autism spectrum experience difficulties in perspective taking. These difficulties manifest in how an individual interacts and communicates with other people as well as how s/he engages with make-believe. Reports from drama practitioners suggest that drama activities can support individuals with autism in these areas but previously there has been little empirical substantiation. This study is important in two respects. First, it empirically demonstrates that individuals with autism show perspective taking in the interactive context of drama education and illustrates both how this perspective taking develops over time and how it compares with perspective taking shown in other curricular areas. Secondly, it uncovers teaching approaches that facilitate perspective taking and identifies particular opportunities presented by drama education.

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01 Jun 2015