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Sleep in the world of autism

Sleep Review
Harrell D. B. Schreck K. A. Richdale A. L.

Sleep in children with autistic spectrum disorder.

Sleep Medicine
Cortesi F. Giannotti F. Ivanenko A. Johnson K. P.

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Sleeping Pills

Sleeping pills is another term for anxiolytics, a class of drugs used to treat feelings of anxiety or nervousness caused by stress or psychological problems. They are also used for sleeplessness and other problems.


Many people with autism and their carers, suffer from sleep problems such as insomnia.

Circadian Rhythm Sleepwake Disorders

Circadian rhythm sleepwake disorders are alterations of the circadian time-keeping system, its entrainment mechanisms, or misalignment of the endogenous circadian rhythm and the external environment.

Sleeping Sound Program

The Sleeping Sound Program is a behavioural intervention designed to address sleep problems in children.

Sleep Hygiene

Sleep hygiene is sometimes defined as the habits, practices and environmental factors that may help you to sleep well on a regular basis.

Managing Your Child's Behaviour to Promote Better Sleep

Managing Your Child's Behaviour to Promote Better Sleep is intervention that aims to enable parents and carers to understand and manage their child's behaviour in order to encourage a more consistent and settled sleep and waking pattern.